Tamilore in firstclass
Tamilore Adewuyi flying firstclass accross the country….
It is no news again how a lot of Nigerians are doing businesses online and making a lot of money from it.
But one thing that so stands out about the young man we are about to interview is his story…
how he rose From a humble background to a point where he is earning over a 100million Naira yearly from the internet.

His name is Tamilore Adewuyi

Tamilore’s humble beginings
2019 Tamilore with Akin Alabi, he first time he went to Lagos for a business seminar
Tamilore and his friend in Ibadan, Nigeria
His matriculation into University of Ibadan


But before we get started lets see how he started…

Who is Tamilore Adewuyi?

Tamilore Adewuyi is a 24 years old graduate of the prestigious University of Ibadan (UI).
Who now considers himself very fortunate to be called one of the best affiliate marketers in Nigeria today… 
Before now, Tamilore has always dreamt of being a professor, so he paid so much attention to his studies (obviosly the reason he graduated with a first class degree)
But one of his desires also is to become really wealthy…

How to become a professor, he knew (Hard work and serious studies). but how to become really rich, he didn’t know.

so he decided he was going to figure it out.
then in 2019 still an under-graduate, he left Ibadan to lagos for a buisness seminar which was conducted by Now his mentor, Hon. Akin Alabi where he was challenged to start his own business.
in fact, if he must be financially free, he has to begin his own business as soon as possible.

after the seminar, he decided he was going to begin his own business, but the challenge was WHAT BUSINESS EXACLY SHOULD HE DO?

After so much thinking, he decided to start a tie and die business.
He met a friend of his who produces Tie-and-die shirts, he decided to strike a deal with him that he would be given a certain amount of money on every sale he brings. and that was it.

Tamilore started selling and making some decent money by promoting those shirts on his WhatsApp status.

he was promoting them successfully and was making decent sales. 
he was successfully getting a few number of contacts to patronize him
In his own words He felt like a big boy, making around 40k every month was kind of a big deal for him and he was happy.
Although, he didn’t become a millionaire… 
but he learned some very important lessons that helped him scale up and gave him millions.
I would talk about the lessons later on this post, but lets see what he did exactly that made his life change.

His journey to becoming a multi-millionaire started after he received an email from a big internet marketer in Nigeria, Called Toyin Omotosho, The Founder of Expertnaire

In the message, Toyin Omotosho described how he promotes other peoples products on the internet and makes 15million naira monthly as a side business.
this business model is called affiliate marketing.
And remember, that was exactly what Tamilore was doing with the tie and die business.
He was promoting his friend’s products and getting a percentage of the profit after each sale.
So, he was interested in the email, how can someone be promoting other peoples products and be making this huge amount of money “As a side business…”
He was selling a physical product, but wasn’t getting anything close to that figure. How can someone else be promoting a digital product and be doing 15million?
The thought of this pushed him to go and learn more about affiliate marketing for digital products.
So, in 2020, he decided to start. 
He had made up his mind to put in all the efforts required to make this business model work for him.
So he signed up on an affiliate marketing network (from money he borrowed from his elder brother) and started promoting.
In his first month, he made well over a hundred thousand naira.
He kept on doing what he was doing while paying for more training and courses on sales and marketing.
By the month of November in 2020, he had made over 10million naira. Then he traveled to Dubai, just to go relax and plan for the year ahead.
Tamilore In Dubai (UAE)
Chilling in Dubai (UAE) in 2020
After his journey to Dubai and back, He came with a fresh fire and a mindset to sky rocket his results.
And that was exactly what he did because at the end of 2021, he made 10x the amount he made in 2020.
That is over one hundred million naira. 

Tamilore in firstclass
Tamilore Adewuyi flying first class
Right now, he lives his desired lifestyle, he works from anywhere in the world and engages in one of his best hobbies which is travelling.
he has travelled to so many places, both within and outside Africa.
Tamilre Adewuyi is a great guy who every young person should listen to.
Tamilore in his youth service camp in port-harcourt (Millionaire corper)
In 2021 after attaining some level of results, (before his youth service), he decided to start teaching other people how to get the same results he is getting, dong the same business model called affiliate marketing.
And they are all doing well. In fact, his goal was to raise over 10 millionaires and he achieved it in 2021.
Right now, he has decided to teach more people who would be willing to learn from him.
Like I mentioned earlier, he desires to become a lecturer because loves teaching people, 
and he has been so successful doing so.
He and his students (mentees) in Ibadan
He and his students (mentees) in Ibadan
If you want to learn from Tamilore, He is more than willing to show you how to get started in business. you can join his class today >>HERE

See what he wrote by himself in 2021

I never saw myself doing all of this 3 years ago.
I was just struggling like the average Nigerian.
But something changed my life.
Something changed my story.
In the last 3 weeks, I have been to five different countries.
Meeting people and connecting with my students.
It gives me so much joy.
The life of freedom.
I can sit down anywhere in the world, pull out my laptop and make money.
This is what I have been telling people about.
Imagine visiting each country and spending at least N1 million visiting every country.
That means in the last 3 weeks, I have spent about 5 million Naira on flights and accommodation in;
Banjul, Gambia.
Dakar, Senegal.
Cotonou, Benin.
Abidjan, Ivory Coast.
Now, I am in Accra, Ghana.
The crazy thing is that I still make money everywhere I go.
I am just having a lot of fun and having a great time.
That is why you will see that I don’t always convince people to learn Affiliate Marketing from me.
Anyone who wants the best for themselves will obviously do what will help them.
That is how I see it.
That is why you see that at all times, I am just teaching people and trying to help them become a better person.
It is not just about learning to do Affiliate Marketing. It is about living the good life.
However, if you decide to learn from me, here is the opportunity to do so.
Hopefully you make the decision that is best for you.
-Tamilore Adewuyi (2021)

In conclusion;

What are the lessons for you here? 
1. You should start a business if you must be financially free (whether full time or part-time)
2. You don’t have to own a product, You can start by promoting other peoples own
3. You can learn anything if you’re passionate enough
4. Learn from people who have results to show
Now, if you really feel affiliate marketing is something you would love to learn and become better at, then I would recommend no their person than one of the best so far Tamilore Adewuyi.
You should learn from him. >>Get ACCESS HERE<<
Tamilore in Karibu (not too sure ehich country is that LOL)
In a expensive restaurant in Dubai (UAE)
Live training with his students (First Affiliate Sale Course I think)
There is nothing you can’t achieve if you put your mind towards it. You can learn Affiliate marketing from Tamilore >>here
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