Kenny Nwokoye and the Zero to Hero Affiliate Community

Kenny Nwokoye and the Zero to Hero Affiliate Community

Kenny Nwokoye is a Nigerian marketer who went from zero to millions doing affiliate marketing.


He has been a big inspiration to many and decided to show a lot of people how to become their best in affiliate marketing and online sales in general.


I will be telling you about his online community called Zero To Hero, But before then lets meet Mr. Kenny.


Meet Kenny Nwokoye.

Kenny Nwokoye and his mentor Sam Harvard
Kenny Nwokoye and his billionaire mentor Sam Harvard

Kenny Nwokoye is an entrepreneur, Transformational speaker, influencer and widely celebrated online business coach.

Over the past 4 years, Kenny has built a following of thousands of online entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of copies of best selling courses, and founded a Creative Advertising & Branding Agency called BrandsElev8 which helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

Having done over 20 million in sales of digital products online, Kenny has undoubtedly built authority as a business coach, speaker and mentor.

Zero To Hero Affiliates (ZTHA)

Zero to here affiliates is a community of like minded affiliate marketers from all around Africa and the world.

Zero To Hero Affiliate (ZTHA)© is an enabling community for raising top performers in the Affiliate Marketing space.

A community that started as just a WhatsApp group with just 7 members on July 9th 2020 has grown into a massive global membership with 6000+ members from over 46 countries and 12 different affiliate programs.

What sets ZTHA apart from any other community anywhere else in the world, is the “ALL IN ONE MEMBERSHIP” for any affiliate.

Whether beginner, struggling or intermediate, any affiliate can scale their business to a point where predictable and consistent sales and affiliate commissions becomes a normal experience within the shortest possible time

Using world class Training, Coaching and Mentorship all wrapped up in ONE never before seen Super Membership


With over 6,000 members currently, I could say it is the biggest affiliate community in Africa with mind-bowing results to show.

This is what the ZTHA Boss said about his platform…

In those 11 Months when I struggled as an affiliate, I knew what it felt like to not have a head way when it seemed like nothing was working.

My journey to where I am today was definitely not smooth, that’s why I created ZTHA© to bridge that gap.

And the success stories I see every day from thousands of affiliates in my membership simply gives me more joy.

Affiliate Marketing is a Billion Dollar industry and all we do is simply take our fair share, and we would love you to join us.

ZTHA© is only here to help grow top performing affiliates with the right knowledge and information, guidance training and right set of tools.

I personally handled most of the training courses in the members area so you know the quality of information is high level.

And along with that, I have a personal welcome message waiting for you inside,

where I dish out the exact things I told a student that he used to make over N1m in commission in 6 days.

One more thing, your membership is both flexible and cancellable

I absolutely can’t wait for you to see how easy it can be for affiliates to make 450k monthly through sales and affiliate commissions.

ZTHA FOUNDER (Kenny Nwokoye)

See Some of the resuls of ZTHA members

affiliate marketing resultsaffiliate marketing results

Now, as an Internet marketer myself… this is what I would tell any serious affiliate marketer (Whether beginner or Experienced) is to join the zero to hero affiliate Community.

You don’t want to miss the incredible growth and income opportunities that awaits you right there.

If you want to learn more about the ZTHA community, and see what results the members are getting, then I would advice you to go >>HERE to read it… And get onboard.

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