Hello, You’re welcome to this premium article. In this article, i will show you how you can start making a minimum of 350k every month as a busy professional or carrier person anywhere in Nigeria.

Now, like i said this is a premium article and it might be longer than average but if youre really interested in what this information can do for you, then youll be willing to read it to the end.



But I will like to state 2 things before we proceed

1. Since this article is premium, you’re actually supposed to pay for it.

But I wont be charging you any money. All I require you to pay me is ATTENTION! Yeah you have to pay Attention to get everything I have for you here.

2. Secondly, although this strategy can be applied by anyone, it is not for everyone, as it is focused on people who are workers or staffs in a firm/company/establishment and earning good salaries already.

What this simply means is that, this is not an article for people who are broke and wants to make a living, it is for people who are already getting a good income either as monthly salaries or company shares or sales revenue.

(in fact, anything from 30k monthly is good. You can read this article and start making 350k monthly)



Now with all of these said and done…

Let me introduce myself and give you reasons why you should listen to me.

I am Samson Okotie, I’m a Professional Photographer, Online sales specialist and blogger in Nigeria.

I received my first certificate on Leadership and Entrepreneurship in 2016

I am the Owner of AsabaGist (this blog)

I have trained people on internet marketing and how to make money online

I am the founder of 7Figure sales systems

And the Managing director at G-click Media and Technologies


I’m not saying all these to brag… I’m only saying it so that you can have a little idea about me, get to know me and also understand my angle in relation to this subject matter.




Now, the question is…

Why am I doing this? Why will I be making a sponsored post on a news  blog and be giving people a premium information for free?


Its simple.

Because I know that if you read this and get value, youll trust my judgement, and you can believe the other things I might be telling you in future.


I have mads a few naira on the internet even as a young boy…

I have a lot of systems I use to make money and over time and I have been showing people again and again… through my blog posts and other channels.

I show strategies like

Amazon Kindle publishing

Whatsapp income secrets

Online sales systems

Blogging etc.


What I am about to reveal to you today is something different from all i listed above.


It is used by big guys in every industry you can think about.


Now, lets first of all talk about 350k monthly…

Its not actually easy to start getting an extra 350k monthly especially with the current state of this country… this sounds very true and consistent with the reality of many Nigerians.

but it is not the truth… in fact, it is more easier to make money now more than ever before. Just with the internet.

This method I want to show to you will require your internet and mobile phone or laptop.



Straight to the point.

How did I make money from the internet without spending a dime?

1. I found out that there are a lot of people who go to the internet daily searching for a particular information.


2. I went to make a detailed research about that subject, coupled with my ‘little’ experience in that same subject… I went ahead to make a simple text document, converted it into a PDF and started selling it. (actually made my first sale with whatsapp)


3. I went ahead to create more of this kind of document on different other subjects and kept optimising it for more sales.

This business model is called Information Marketing.

Information marketing is a business model that has mads a lot of people rich… both in Nigeria and every other part of the world.


Theres a young man I know (my boss in the industry) who has made millions upon millions online simply be selling information to people.

People are eager to learn something…

They go to google daily to get these information…

But many times they don’t get exactly what they want, so they spend time and energy and data…

And end up getting frustrated.



Now if you can spend 30 mins daily for 3 days to put together this information into a downloadable file, then you can be charging between 3k – 10k for them.

And with a good marketing strategy… in fact I will go straight here

With a good Facebook ad and a sales page, you can be making close to 100 sales monthly.


This is not a joke.

Information products comes in different formats but the most popular and hot selling are

  • Ebooks (PDF)
  • Audios
  • Videos

With a good ebook or video about how to loose weight (for example) can  e getting you 50 sales monthly

Lets say 9k x 50 (people)
That would be N450,000 every month.


Now, there are many topics you can create an information product on

Weight loss without dieting plan

How to get a job in a good establishment

How to erase pimples

How to please your man/woman in the bedroom

How to bake cakes

How to do anything!

People are buying these stuffs like pure water


Now you can get yours done in maximum 3 weekends no matter how busy you are.

You may not know but there are two types of employees inevery firm

The smart ones and the not very smart ones. (others)

The smart ones find other means of earning income aside their jobs, the others only depend on their salaries…

The smart ones therefore make way more money than the others

You can become a smart employee or professional or carrier person today and start getting an extra 350 – 900k consistently every month with this Hot Business Model.


Out beat even your manager.


Your manager can only be your boss, but when it comes to cash, you can beat him to stupor… you can get so rich to the point where you can can pay him double his salary (LOL)

Yeah, it will take a little time and a little effort… but it will pay off big.

Now this is what you have to do.

Go ahead and start creating information products and start sellimg them online.

You can start with social media

Like I said earlier, I sold my first eBook on WhatsApp without paying any body…

I have also sold using just my normal Facebook post

So you too can do the same.



Remember, you can do this passively, after all you do post on Facebook and WhatsApp

So it’s pretty more like doing the same things you normally do online. This time you’ll be getting heavily rewarded financially for it.


You have seen the simple framework, but the truth is that you might not get started because you simply do not know how or where to start from.

Secondly, you may become stuck in the process and get heavily frustrated in the end and even NEVER make a sale.

That is why I want to give you access to this treasure chest.

A video from an expert in the industry that will show you everything you need to know to start making crazy figures monthly with information marketing without leaving your current job and doing almost no extra work.


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Yours, Samson Okotie

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