Why A Rice Seller Makes More Money Than Bankers In Nigeria

Why A Rice Seller Makes More Money Than Bankers In Nigeria

Unpopular Fact: A rice seller makes more money than Bankers!

I get it. Many people will argue this.

Right now you may be thinking – ‘’A rice seller can NEVER make more than a banker!’’

But the numbers NEVER lie, so let us look at the numbers!


Say John, who works as a teller in a bank; earns N150,000 one time on the 29th of every month.

Then Iya Basira sells a plate of rice for 500


Let us say she sells 70 plates a day.

70 x 500 = 35,000 daily

Which means in a month with 30 days, she will make:

35,000 x 30 = 1,050,000

1 million naira in sales!

You maybe thinking – what of expenses?!!!


But let us say that she has to consider all the expenses, like the price of rice, plantains…and even shop rent. That would eat into her profit.

Yes, I agree.

however… you will agree with me is that if you can find a way to make 35,000 naira daily –

Small drops of income add up to become a mountain. Iya Basira with all the expenses still goes home with better profits.

This is how most people you consider not well-to-do are able to afford to take their kids to nice schools & build a house for themselves.

Little drops of money is key.

Which means if you start making N14,500 a day now.

In a month you will make N435,000 Naira.

But the question you are asking now is – HOW can I do it as a busy person who is already earning a salary?

Well, there is a way for you to start doing that number in your spare time, without Iya Basira’s kind of expenses.

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