The Easiest Way to Raise 1 Million Naira

The Easiest Way to Raise 1 Million Naira


Making 1M – 5M per month seems like a big deal, until you break down the numbers this way.

Say you want to hit 1M in income this month.

There are 30 days in most months.

So if we break that figure into a daily income this way: 1M divided by 30 = 33,334 per day.

it means if there was a way that you can consistently do at least 33,334 every day – in a month you will have 1M sitting in your account.

But the question is HOW do you make that figure daily?

…because here is the problem.

Most businesses need super high startup capital & there are very few jobs that pay that well…

However, that is the bad news.


The good news is that people just like you make this money easily doing something that requires very little capital.

They do this by selling video COURSES.

If there is one thing you know how to do, you can make a simple video of yourself teaching it & sell it online.


The best thing is while selling courses you:

Do not need a shop to sell it – it can be sold on whatsapp or facebook.You do not need to buy products, simply use your phone to shoot the video and when people pay you email them a link to the video.You already have everything you need to get started. Your phone & social media platforms – so starting will be easy.


But you maybe saying to yourself – ‘’Courses? Do people buy courses?’’

The answer is a big yes!


There are people selling baking courses, courses on how to sew, how to relocate abroad, how to raise godly children – and they are cashing out BIG time.


Take Uche, for instance, she is a school teacher who lives in Kaduna.

Uche had never launched a video course – EVER, but she bought this course >>here

It taught her how to find her course idea, how to package it then everything needed to market the course & She did 200k the first 2 weeks she started her course.

Do you want something like this in your life? Go >>HERE<<

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