Whatsapp Marketing – 3 Reasons People Don’t Make Sales On WhatsApp

Whatsapp Marketing – 3 Reasons People Don’t Make Sales On WhatsApp

In this Very short article, I will be showing you 3 reasons why many people don’t make sales on WhatsApp even after watching several videos and taking paid courses.

Whatsapp Marketing secrets

I’m going to open your eyes in a few seconds…

You might fall guilty of the reasons I’ll show to you right now.

Are you set?!

1. List of Uninterested prospects

Yeah! You read that right! You must realise that your product is not for everybody. And this is where a lot of the things you’ve heard are misleading.


Yes. They are misleading

I’ll explain 1… 2… 3… gooo!

Gurus tell you. Build your whatsapp contacts… Just build it. No matter the people you have there just build and keep increasing your status views and you’ll start making money.

Unfortunately, that’s not how to make money!

If you have 1000 views of people who are below 20 and are still studying. Not ready to build houses… none of them would be interested in your painting services. Not even for 99.9% discount!


Because they are not your target audience. They don’t have houses they’re building.
If you have list of good looking slim ladies who are models… selling weight loss products to them would be a total waste of time and energy.

Your product is not for everyone! No matter what you’re selling.

Even if you’re selling Long Life and Prosperity, there are some people who won’t buy.

And you’d look miserable trying to force them to buy. You may be tempted to call it ‘Convince’ but you’re not convincing no one!… you’re trying to force them! (at least so, they’ll think) And they won’t buy.

Sometimes your list is filled up with only family and friends and colleagues.
While this is good, know that they’re not your customers.

Reason no 2.
Few whatsapp contacts.

If you like have righteousness, peace and Joy as your offer, and keep showing it to your 9 persons or your 29 or maybe 30 or probably 79 persons… you might keep posting it forever without making a sale.
For sure, you might sell one or two products on PURE LUCK… but be sure of remaining there almost forever.

Like I said earlier, you must consciously and strategically increase the total number of eyes that feed on your products.
A person with 3,000 views would likely make more sales than someone else struggling with 350 views and less.

Are you getting the picture now?!
Don’t you think I deserve a chilled drink at this point? Yeah you can appreciate me later.

But keep following…

Now let me shock you again.
This is a secret.
I don’t want you to believe me. You can do the research yourself.

Anybody I’ve ever seen or heard who consistently achieves results on whatsapp gets more than a thousand views on a consistent basis.
1,000 views and above. And sometimes they get up to 4,000 and sometimes more than that.

I was chatting with a young man, I asked him what is his average view on whatsapp status, he replied, 4,000+

Another Lady made a screen shot of a status she made after a few minutes …less than 10 minutes I suppose. It was well over 1,000 views.
Less than 10 minutes!


1,000+ views in less than 10 minutes. And there is at least 23hours 49 minutes more for that status to remain there. I was among the people who viewed it… so it’s not a hearsay.

She’s making money!
More than 10 persons paid her immediately for her to help them put (Advertise) their products there!

3. You’re selling the wrong way!
Maybe you’ve built your list of interested prospects for your product or service you’re offering. But you’re not yet making enough sales.

You have to strategically sell to them.

Let me mention this here… don’t try to sell to people. Make people want to but from you.
I’ll be showing you how to do that.

How to make people buy from you… Infact, how to make people beg for your products…

It’s in a sentence: Make people view you as an expert in your field. Even if you’re a total beginner.

There is a way to do that!

But I’ll be ending this post here! This is just from the introductory part of a new ebook I’m creating.
CASH OUT ON WHATSAPP! A guide that is set to teach people how to sell Millions of Naira worth of products through WhatsApp.

Now, I hope you’ve learnt something already?! Go out and correct these mistakes if you’re making any…

And in conclusion.
It’s best you take action right now. No matter the results you’re getting currently, there are still more you can do.
And if you are yet to get your own results… you can begin from now.

And this would lead me to say this.
One of the ways to sell more is to belong to a community of Badass marketers!

People who would motivate and inspire you to progress.
It’s also a big secret that the big players hide from others.

They have their little communities or circles that comprises their likes. And that’s where their real magic takes place.
They share success stories, share new tips and tricks, encourage each other… learn new methods and so on.

So, join a community.
This is the end of this report.
Yeah! Go and implement. Good luck.

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