How to get over heartbreak

How to get over heartbreak

I will be talking about how to get over a heartbreak..

Normally being broken doesn’t mean you should kill yourself or something.. there are many things that can cause heartbreak… example, when your friends betrayers your trust, when your boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you.. Experiencing a heartbreak does not bring an end to your life… there are many ways to get over that..


I will be speaking more on heartbreak caused by your partner in a relationship
..that is for dating..
If your partner wakes up one day and decided to break up with can cause you a heartbreak.. maybe your relationship has lasted for years and you were planning on taking it to another level which is marriage and now he or she is about bringing down everything..

yes you will surely be broken but listen carefully and follow my advise to prevent you from having a heart attack..


1.Try to move on

Don’t allow any thoughts to hinder you from moving on..when you are stocked in that heartbreak tend to loose a lot of try moving on by doing all those things that makes you happy.

2. Stop thinking about the person

The more you think about the person, the more heartbroken you feel..erase the person’s memory and make a new start

3.Eat healthy food

A healthy body is a healthy mind.. when you eat enough and get enough helps to clear your mind from that problem that is disturbing. some people will tell you that when they are angry they eat a lot.. eating helps remove your mind from certain situations.


4. You can use the person’s bad habits to get over the person

Maybe you have tried many other steps and still it doesn’t work.. this step 4 is a 99percent assurance …it works perfectly.. because when you are in love you tend to forget and overlook the other person’s character.. but in situation like this, try using those characters you overlooked to fight out your way from that pain you are feeling.

5. Hang out with friends

When you are all alone start to ponder on it but hanging out with friends is a way to get your mind off it

I sincerely hope that this article is of a good use to you

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