The term Friendship is a very strong word..some might see it as a mere word but it has a very deep meaning behind contains two different words “friend” and “ship” but when is bonded together it gives a different meaning that has a deep bond..
Friends are people that are so close to us that we can share our different secrets..moments…sad and happy memory with..other friends you can find close friends, best friends, these are the main species of friends..some say that close friends are ones you share every detail of your life with and that best friend is the one that you chose among all your friends to be the one you like more..
But in all this classification i take them as one..friends are friends. And the beter time you understand will be of a great importance to you..
Friendship starts with a HI then going over to introduction and knowing yourselves better..just like marriage friendship needs you both to be conpatible..Envy can also come in the way of friendship..but there is a length your bond is..that cant allow such to destroy your friendship..

You must have seen relationship that has lasted for years but nothing to show about it. Its just as if as the relationship gets over years the distance between the people involve increases..

In friendship..there are many thing needed to keep it….understanding for one another..
These are the main things needed to keep it strong